How mRNA Tech Gave Us the 1st COVID-19 Vaccines

“No!” The doctor snapped. “Look at me!” I had been staring her in the eyes, as she had ordered, but when a doctor on my other side began jabbing me… Read more

15 Minutes of Exercise a Week Is Linked to a Longer Life

Squeezing exercise into a busy schedule can be tough. However, new research suggests that doing just 15 minutes of physical activity over the course of a week is linked to… Read more

It’s Vital to Protect Water Infrastructure During War_1

The destruction in the early hours of June 6 of Ukraine’s massive Nova Kakhovka dam on the Dnieper River is a dangerous escalation of the war between Ukraine and Russia.… Read more

Extreme Weather Is Fueling the Political Right

Last weekend, the climate-related headline on the print issue of the New York Post caught my eye during a gas station pit stop. Instead of focusing on the crazy heat… Read more

Many U.S. At-Home COVID-19 Test Results Could Be Going Unreported

Popular at-home COVID-19 tests from Abbott Laboratories and Quidel Corp., available without a prescription, were launched without a mechanism for reporting results to health officials, potentially leaving many cases uncounted… Read more

Koko the Gorilla Wasn’t Human, But She Taught Us So Much About Ourselves

Koko the gorilla earned her pronouns a long, long time ago. It is one of humanity’s great vanities that we withhold pronouns from most animals — or at least we… Read more

These Are the 2023 Earthshot Prize Winners

A lithium-ion battery recycler and a program to end illegal fishing are among the winners of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize, which supports companies tackling the environmental crisis. The five champions,… Read more

Counting a Carbon Footprint One Meal At a Time

At the COP26 conference this year, there’s a lot of grumbling among activists that official venues are serving meat, even if it’s locally-sourced meat. Animal agriculture has an outsized impact… Read more

Politicians Want to Research Geoengineering. Scientists Are Worried

Stratospheric aerosol injection, the idea of spraying sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere to cool the planet, is one of the most controversial topics in climate science, with scientists engaged… Read more
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